Boycott Reebok. Do not purchase ANY Reebok products! ESPECIALLY NOT the Reebok Fight Kits


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For Reebok to drop their deal with the UFC so fighters may be sponsored by other companies, or at the bare minimum force the UFC's hand to allow fighters to be sponsored by other companies in addition to Reebok during Fight Week and Fight Night. Fighters work for a living and for this sport they give their blood, sweat, and tears, at the very minimum they deserve to be able to comfortably provide for their families, pay for their fight camp preparation, and not have the anxiety of EXTREMELY LOW PAY by the UFC hanging over their heads while they train for our entertainment as fans.


Here are a few reasons to boycott Reebok:

  • Almost no fighter or fan likes the Reebok deal
  • The fight kits are not aesthetically pleasing and ripe with numerous errors and poor attention to detail. Anderson Aldo? What?
  • Many fighters, like Brendan Schaub for example, have went from $100k+ sponsor-derived per fight payouts to a paltry $10k per fight payout. That is embarassing. Brendan has since retired from the sport because it is simply not worth it, and this is a fighter with UFC experience who is on the HIGHER end of the Reebok fighter pay spectrum. This is inexcusible for companies who make as much money as Zuffa, Reebok, and parent company of Reebok Addidas. These fighters not only have to pay for fight camps 3+ times a year, but they also have families. This pay structure is embarassing for a national sports organization as large as the UFC is, and as large as they are aspiring to be.
  • The UFC will NEVER attract the caliber of athlete seen in sports like the NBA and NFL if this continues. We as fans should care about that, it is the sport we love after all and our aspirations for the sport of MMA rival Zuffa's.
  • We should have a say and we should exercise our ability to voice our displeasure as paying fans. Thank you for your participation!


What to do:

  • Do not purchase ANY Reebok gear

  • Do not purchase the Reebok fight Kits

  • Continue to voice your displeasure through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc..

  • Share a link to this Propcott on social media to invite other MMA fans to voice their displeasure at the Reebok deal

  • Be respectful as possible voicing your displeasure of course. We are concerned fans and not people are just out to cause trouble. The intention is to support the fighters in anyway that we can so that they may continue to heighten the potential this sport holds. 

Instead, try...

  • Nike

  • Venum

  • Hayabusa

  • Tapout

  • RVCA

  • Under Armour

  • Any MMA-related apparel company with previous MMA exposure

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