SAVE YOUR HEALTH. Stop Eating at McDonald's

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For McDonald's to abandon their current unethical business practices such as selling unhealthy or artificial food and contributing to the obesity pandemic in America


1. Real/Artificial food

While everyday cooked food at home will perish after a certain period of time, McDonalds burgers retain its fresh appearance for a very long time. This can easily fool customers who do not have a hint of this alteration in their burgers. The use of excessive preservatives is harmful for your health which McDonalds seems to overlook for gaining more and more profit. Next time when you eat a burger at McDonalds make sure that you are having one that is recently made and not days before.

2. Weight Gain

It would require tremendous effort to burn off the calories you will gain after eating a single meal at McDonalds. Your Coke, French Fries, Mexican wraps, Chicken Nuggets and Burgers may seem appetizing but they are a deadly mix of processed oil and calories. Until and unless you are ready to run 7 miles straight after your feast, you must drop the idea of fast food at McDonalds altogether. Obesity has become a major cause of ill health in the United States. One out of every three person in the US is obese. These alarming rates can be easily kept at bay by avoiding junk food.

3. Sugar and salt

The fast food chains like McDonalds use excessive salt and sugar to make their meals lucrative and tasty. However it has been recorder that consumption of such meals may lead to increasing cases of diabetes and high blood pressures. Another health issue that has been plaguing many countries today.  Are we paying for the kind of food that invite diseases into our systems? Clearly this is a violation of health standards and till you take notice of the hazards of fast food, you may be at high risk of developing these diseases.

4. Sanitary and safety standards

Although most fast food chains cannot be directly blamed for being unhygienic, but there has been cases of gross mishaps in safety standards. This is bound to be the case with restaurants staffed with low-paid employees and high turn-over rates. McDonalds has constantly maintained a very attractive low price scheme for customers but at the cost of safety standards. While you may think that your French fries are made of delicious potatoes imported from the USA or otherwise, think again! They may be mixtures of milk and wheat at the end of the day. Taste is not everything, health should be given the first priority for for both young and old generations.

5. Environmental hazards

We thought that fast food chains like McDonalds is only harmful for human beings, little does one know that the carbon footprints left behind in the making of french fries, Mc Chicken burgers, Mexican Wraps and the like. Much of the soy-based animal fat used to fatten chicken and make them look delicious is grown in the Amazon by clearing huge tracts of forest land. Fast food chains like McDonalds therefore support completely unsustainable agricultural patterns and may destroy the natural food cycle. Global Warming is a very visible threat to the earth today and such unsustainable practices have led to the melting of the ice caps, change in weather patterns and other disastrous events that hasn’t yet stricken us but will surely cause large scale damage if not checked right away. You as customers of such food chains should take a moral and responsible step to contribute to the safety of the planet.

6. Animal cruelty

Not only are plants and agricultural cycle at risk, but animals too are exploited in the process of manufacturing delicious looking food. There has been news often enough about the cruel treatment meted out to farm animals in the processing of meat and chicken. They are pumped with artificial steroids to increase the amount of meat gathered from one. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, there must be some ethic to the way animals are treated before they become a part of your platter. The unhealthy processing used to fatten meat is not only harmful to your health but it leaves more than a 1000 animal dead per day. Do you want to then be responsible for mass murder?

7. McDonalds toys

Why do you think every happy meal comes with a set of toys for your kids? Is it simply a promotional attempt? These toys and gifts are a way to get your kids to begin early and remain life long customers once they get addicted to the taste of McDonalds food. Toys are a means to a vicious cycle of never ending consumption.Don’t be fooled by the adverts, they send out messages that may seem benign but will make yout its brand slave for years to com. Make an informed decision before you enter a McDonald today.

8. Artificial flavouring

You may have just walked in for a cheap latte or milk shake, but look out for the caramel syrup on top! Why you may ask? The additional flavouring that McDonalds use is artificial, the syrup may actually be made of sugar, water, fructose, natural (plant source) and artificial flavor, salt, caramel color (with sulfites), potassium sorbate (preservative), citric acid, malic acid etc. The harm that such ingredients can do to your health can be mapped statistically as dangerous. It may seem inexpensive and yum, but each sip is toxic for your health. Do you want to be the fodder for a multi-million dollar food chain who do not give a whoot about the health risks involved in the manufacturing of such food items?

9. Low wages for employees

How is the fast food at McDonalds so cheap? Have you ever given it a thought? It is so very cheap because most of the workers are working in these restaurants at very low pay with no overtime payment or any other benefits of the sort. There are hardly any holidays either and treatment of workers are also a critical issue that is yet to be explored. You are getting your food this cheap because someone else is sacrificing their income on it. Do you want to be supportive of such a regime? It brings us back to an era of slavery almost.

10. Lack of transparency

What is jarring about the whole fast food enterprise is the kind of secrecy that surrounds its service and delivery. From the methods of how the food is made to what ingredients have been used, there is no transparency in their dealing with customers. There is a very rosy picture painted of the “Happy Family” enjoying a “Happy Meal” but what goes on behind this image production is shrouded in mystery and incompetency. Still craving for that McBurger? I hope not!


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